Smart Home Automation

Smart Home automation consists of a system that provides remote and/or automated control of devices throughout your home. With Exceptional Home Technologies, you have a complete integrated solution that provides comfort, convenience, and safety for the homeowner.

So what can you control? Below is a lists of home system that can be controlled with a EHT Smart Home:

Today you can buy a bunch of smart devices like light bulbs, security cameras, speakers, thermostats, etc. Each of the devices typically has an associated app so you can control them with your mobile device/phone. Using 3+ apps to control these devices is like having 3+ remote controls on your coffee table. Who wants that? With a Smart Home Automation system from EHT, you can control these systems all with a single app.

Whole-House Media: Music & TV


Is most of your music on your iPod or iPhone?

Do you have music on your PC?

Do you listen to internet music stations like Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, and/or Podcasts?

Would you like to listen to this music in the kitchen, your bedroom, or any room of your home?

Do you have music on mobile phone and you want to play it throughout your home? Do you have CD music collection but it’s just too inconvenient to listen to it on a regular basis. A whole-house music system will solve this dilemma along with adding many benefits and features such as:

  • Listen to your music collection throughout your home
  • Having the album and artist info displayed on the user interface
  • Create customized playlists such as favorites, holiday, etc., so the music you like is organized and available with a touch of a button
  • Listen to music on your iPod or iPhone
  • Listen to internet music services such as Pandora, Spotify, and Podcasts,
  • Listen to FM stations located anywhere in the US and satellite radio throughout your home
  • Listen to your music in one location while other members in your household listen to different music ALL AT THE SAME TIM


With a whole-house TV system you can do the following:

  • Watch TV content (cable DVR, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) throughout your house
  • Record TV and watch it throughout your residence.
  • Pause your recorded one room, the continue watching it in another room (right at the time where you paused it)


Lighting control can be a stand-alone system or integrated with your home automation system. It can be installed in just a single room, several rooms, or all rooms in your residence. Lighting control is 100% retrofittable, meaning for existing construction, you don’t have to rewire your house to incorporate.

Lighting control provides the following benefits:

  • Provides dimming functionality for most light fixtures and bulbs. Dimmers allow you to adjust the lighting levels for a particular activity as opposed to having the lights either turn full on or full off.
  • Saves energy and money. Studies have shown that dimming your lights by 30% can save you 24% in electricity, bulb life increases to 7.6 years on average, resulting in a $62.77 savings over 5 years.*
  • Provides security benefits:
    1. At night, you never have to walk into a dark house again
    2. Lighting controls can be integrated with your security system so if an alarm is triggered, you can have all the lights in your come full on and have the outside lights flash
    3. If you hear a noise in the middle of the night, you can turn all the lights on in your home at your bedside.
    4. All lights on the system will be controlled by a timer when on vacation. The timer will even turn lights on/off at varying times for each day to make your home appear “lived in”.
  • Provides convenience. If you live in a large multi-level residence, at bedtime or when you leave, you don’t have to go around the house to turn off all the lights.

Windows Shades/Drapes

Control your windows coverings is the perfect complement to a lighting control solution. Shades and other window coverings have complete control just with a touch of a button.

Shade/Drapery control provides the following benefits:

  • Provides added privacy and security. Shades can be set to automatically close at night.
  • Provides glare control. If you ever had a TV near a window, you probably have experienced glare from sunlight entering the room thus making you to move to another location or manually close the shades. You can now have the shades close automatically whenever the TV is powered on.
  • Protects your valuable furnishing from sun (UV light) damage. Sunlight contains ultraviolet light which is particularly harmful to wood and fabrics causing them to fade and degrade over time. You can have the shades automatically close during the times when sunlight is entering the room
  • Provides convenience. If you have windows located in unreachable areas, typically you have no ability to adjust the window coverings without a ladder. With shade control, you can adjust them anytime. Another nice feature occurs when you are leaving your residence. You never have to walk around the house to close each shade.
  • Saves energy and money. Shades can be programmed to close at particular times of the day or are based on the light level to prevent overheating of the room.

So let EHT enhance your lifestyle and security by adding a light and shade control solution.

Climate (Thermostats)

Thermostats can be controlled via the user interface. This convenient feature is great if you have a multi-level dwelling and your thermostat is only on one level. You can change the temperature by your bedside without having to go downstairs. See the Climate Control Page below for an example screen shot.

Pool & Spa Control

Do you want to have your hot tub ready for you when you come home from work. You can have full control of your pool or hot tub temperature.


You can have full control your irrigation system. You can set the timers when to water your lawn.