Computer Networks & Wi-Fi

Your computer network is the “backbone” to your home technology. Without it, your technology is basically unusable. The computer network is the infrastructure that lets devices access the internet and share data. The connections between devices can be hardwired (with an Ethernet cable) or wireless (Wi-Fi).

EHT designs, builds, and installs networks for residence and light commercial applications.

EHT computer networks have the following features:

  • Wi-Fi with Seamless Roaming – Provide a wireless network with no “dead spots” and/or performance issues
  • Guest Networks – Provide a separate network that is completely isolated from your main network
  • Parental Management – Allows you to control the content that comes from the internet
  • Remote Management – Allows EHT to remotely monitor and troubleshoot your network

Most of today’s devices connect to the network using Wi-Fi (wireless). Have you have had poor connection/internet in certain areas of your home? Typically, this is because the internet service provide installed a wireless router on one of of home and you you poor Wi-Fi signal on the other end. EHT can solve this by installing several devices call access point that each provide a Wi-Fi signal. So all wireless devices connect an access point for internet connectivy.

One issue of using multiple access points is when you walk around your home with your device (called roaming). As you roam, your device (i.e., smart phone) will need to drop the connection from access point and connect to another. This has been an issue with many networks. Well, EHT installed equipment that provides a seamless roaming experience. So your wireless connection is always reliable wherever you are at your home or business.

Do you every have a poor Wi-Fi signal in your home? Let Exceptional Home Technologies make that a thing of the past.

Parental Management

With parental management, you control the content and the internet experience of your network. You can control the following:

  • When devices have access to the internet. Do you have kids that use their smart phones in the middle of the night on a school night? You can turn off their internet access from 10pm to 6am every school night (or any other time frame).
  • Prevent access to websites. You can block a particular website like Amazon or you can block a category like adult or social media.
  • View the browsing history of all devices . Parental management logs the browsing history even if they delete the history on their device. So you can check when any user was on the internet and what sites they visited.

You can apply to these control to their smart phones even when they are away from home and using the cellular data network by installing a special parental control app.

Remote Management

With remote management, EHT basically can provide tech support for you network without needing to make a trip to your facility.

Remote management has the following features:

  • Remote access – EHT can remote connect to devices and troubleshoot issues
  • Remote power management – EHT can remotely power devices on and off. How many time have you had to power cycle a device to get it working again. EHT can do this for you!
  • Send Alerts When Issues Arise – If a device goes offline, EHT can be notified and fix the problem before you even knew happened
  • Network Diagnostics – EHT can perform tests and provide reports on the state of your network