Home Security

Protecting your home and family is your number one priority. So you need a system to help you. Protecting your home with technology basically comprises of two systems:

1) Security/Alarm System

2) Video surveillance system

Security/Alarm System

A Security/Alarm System is designed to detect unauthorized intrusion into your home or business. The typical system consists of a main panel and sensors throughout the facility.

Typical features of a security/alarm system include:

  • Use of hardwire and/or wireless sensors
  • Monitoring to a “central station” that will contact you or the police (if necessary) when an “event” occurs
  • Monitoring & controlling the system on your mobile devices or PC
  • Communication for monitoring using cellular and computer network connection
  • Battery backup in the event of a power failure
  • Keypads and/or touchscreen user interfaces located at main entry points of your facility

Video Surveillance System

The video surveillance system typically consists of video cameras and a recording/storage device. Video cameras can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home or business and can be integrated with your doorbell. The recording/storage device will record video whenever a camera detects motion on either a device within your home/business (called a DVR) or store the recording in the “cloud”.

A video surveillance system has the following features:

  • Monitor in real time your home to check on pets, family members, and valuables.
  • Monitor your premise when an alarm event occurs
  • Use your mobile devices to view the cameras anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Record whenever the camera detects motion
  • View the recordings either with your mobile devices or a using a TV/display connected to your DVR
  • If using a video doorbell, you can communicate remotely with whoever rings the doorbell