Exceptional Home Technologies provides design, calibration, and installation services for home technology systems. See Solutions We Provide for details on what services are offered by EHT.


To ensures your home technology system matches your lifestyle, desires, expectations, and budget, EHT uses the following process:

Interview and Consultation
We first meet with you and access your lifestyle, expectations, and requirements based on your budget. With this information, we develop a preliminary design along with a proposal package. The proposal defines what work will be performed, what equipment will be purchased, and the associated costs. A proposal revision is created based upon your review of the proposal and this step is repeated until your are in agreement with all terms. The final signed-off proposal forms the basis for ordering equipment and setting preliminary schedules. In addition, the proposal becomes the groundwork for the system documentation generated at project completion.

Detail Design
Once the proposal is signed, EHT engineers begin the detail design phase which includes:
  • Generation of inter-connection diagrams
  • Definition of all cable runs
  • Generation of construction documents
This phase requires close coordination with other trades such as Interior Designers, Architects, Lighting Designers, Electrical, General Contractor, and Mechanical Contractor (HVAC) to ensure the EHT design and schedule will work with the other aspects of your home construction.

The initial construction (foundation, framing, etc.) is performed by other trades. EHT closely coordinates with the builder and electrical contractor to ensure a smooth transition to the upcoming EHT tasks. Construction continues during the next two phases (pre-wire and trim-out) and EHT becomes heavily involved during the custom home theater construction.

Pre-wire is the installation of the low-voltage cables, brackets, and structured wiring enclosures. This occurs after completion of the plumbing and electrical trades but before the drywall is installed. All cables are individually identified and marked.

Trim-Out &
Initial Programming and Testing
Trim-out is the termination and testing of cables which occurs after the drywall. At the EHT testing labs, initial assembly, programming, and testing of the equipment begins. The phase verifies all the equipment will "work together" and can be manipulated by the control system (which includes your remote control).

Equipment Installation & Final Programming and Testing
Equipment installation occurs after the painting and finishing work is complete. This includes installation of equipment in cabinets, in-wall/ceiling speakers, in-wall keypads and controls, and video equipment. The equipment racks fabricated and tested during the Trim-Out & Initial Programming and Testing phase are also installed. The control system programming is modified per the final configuration.

Client Walk-Through, Client Training, and Documentation
At this phase, you "walk-through" your residence to review every aspect of the technology system. This includes learning how to use the system. The control system is designed to be intuitive; therefore, a user manual is not necessary.  All system documentation (owners manuals, engineering drawings, etc.) are placed in binders to be available for your reference. A follow-up meeting occurs about 1 month after project completion to ensure the system meets the your expectations and standards.