Home automation consists of a system that provides remote and/or automated control of devices throughout your home.

So what can you control? With Exceptional Home Technologies, you have a complete integrated solution that provides comfort, convenience, and safety for the homeowner by controlling the following systems:

  • Media: Music and Movies. Listen, watch and control your music and movies in any room in your residence. See the Whole-House Audio/Video for more information. See the "Music Page" and "Movie Page" below for a screen shot of the user interface.
  • Messaging Center. Your home automation center is the central location to view your email, voicemail, leave messages/reminders to family members.
  • Lights and shades. See Light and Shade Control for more information. Go to the "Lighting Control Page" below for an example user interface.
  • Video Cameras: Video security cameras can be displayed and controlled on any graphical user interface in your home. Examples showing a baby's room and a split screen showing 4 cameras are shown below at the "Video Camera Pages"
  • Security System. Control of the security system is available on all graphically interfaces. See the "Security Page" below for an example user interface.
  • Climate (thermostats). Thermostats can be controlled via the user interface. This convenient feature is great if you have a multi-level dwelling and your thermostat is only on one level. You can change the temperature by your bedside without having to go downstairs. See the Climate Control Page below for an example screen shot.
  • Pool and Spa Control. Do you want to have your hot tub ready for you when you come home from work. You can have full control
  • Irrigation. You can have full control your irrigation system
  • Whole-house intercom including doorbell interface. Select individual rooms to communicate with or send out a whole-house page. Intercom uses the speakers in the room (from the whole-house audio system). The door bell interface is a intercom to the door and plays a user-selected song when the door bell button is pressed. Multiple door bells interfaces can be installed each with a unique "ring".

Control is performed on any EHT remote, EHT keypad, iPad, iPhone, Android device and/or desktop PC. So you can control your home from anywhere in the world.

Typical EHT Home Automation Interfaces

Home Page & Main Menu

Music  Page

Movie Page

Video Camera Page


Messaging Page

Security System Page

Lighting Control Page

Climate Control Page