Exceptional Home Technologies' core strength is design and engineering. Jim Kluka, President of EHT, has 17 years of aerospace design experience ranging from designing cutting-edge jet-engine turbine hardware to ensuring the entire robotics system is properly integrated on the Space Station. Whole-house technology systems and custom home theaters are also complex systems thus requiring a careful and rigorous design. Whole-house systems, an assembly of various products usually by different manufacturers (such as audio, climate control, and security systems), require the proper system design and integration to ensure rock-solid functionality as a whole. Custom home theater construction (see example below) also requires a precise and thought-out design to guarantee maximum performance.

In addition, EHT can provide design services which includes a set of design plans that you can use on your own. If you are a do-it-yourself individual, a general contractor, or a sub-contractor needing design assistance on your project, EHT will provide the plans and help coordinate construction and system installation.

EHT Custom Home Theater Design Example